How Bussiness Affects Us

How much business influence environment in our life ? Actually, we can see that it really influence us because people always need money every day. In the implementation of business will not be able to go forward without good management, not necessarily a very complex management and tailored to its needs. Then what is the definition of the business itself ? the Business itself is an activity either done by individuals or groups (usually groups) to achieve a certain goal (profit equal with money). So it can be said business is a business to earn income. According to the language itself the business that comes from the busy word is busy or business which means business. This means that everyone involved in the business must be busy to get the maximum profit.

The business itself is seen from the merchandise, there are 2 things that are real goods and services.The main business objectives are to seek profit or profit as much as possible with all the resources available. While the business function itself can be said there are 4, namely:

1. Form Utility is a production function.

2. Place Utility is a distribution function

3. Possessive Utility is a sales function

4. Time Utility is a function of marketing or marketing.

Four functions are indeed not mutually to be released because everything supports each other. For example, you can create a great product but in terms of less marketing, then you will not be able to get a profit from the product you make. For this reason, business takes more than one person. Why ? Because one person can not focus on two things at once, and also the human nature as a social being who can not live alone. Therefore, if you are good at marketing then it would be nice if you recruit people who can make a good product in the market. If both are able to be well matched then your business will be able to run with the maximum.

Companies in carrying out its production activities certainly can not be separated from the environment around it both the natural environment and social environment in society. The impact of the business world much affect the lives of people directly or indirectly. Privatization is happening lately both as a result and the impact of globalization as well as the restructuring of the national business world. Culture is also much affected due to the impact of globalization and the business world continues to grow. The culture, of course, has its own influence on the community whether the positive influence or negative influence of Culture itself. Culture in line will be able to enrich the culture of society, but new and existing differences and cultures in the community will lead to conflicts and differences. Culture should indeed be filtered, taken in accordance, appropriate and not taken that is not in accordance with the norms and cultural values of our society.Capitalism, which is oriented only in material profit, has impaired the balance of life by stimulating the excessive development of human potentials that do not contribute to the increase of their prosperity but instead make them decline in social conditions [Chwastiak (1999) in Sitepu (2009).

Company activities have a negative and positive impact on the companys internal environment such as employees and the companys external environment such as investors, creditors and the public. This activity is disclosed in the financial statements. However, the

disclosure of corporate activity in the financial statements often does not reveal the companys activities that negatively impact the internal and external environment of the company. [(Jerry (2005) in Sitepu (2009)].In fact, to ensure business sustainability, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the social environment in which they carry out business activities. Because the products and services that output the organizations organization are consumed by the users in their environment. Of the other parties, organizations also get different kinds of input from the environment such as labor and raw materials (Lubis and Husaini (1987 in Mangoting (2008)).

According to Grayson and Hodges (2004) in Mangoting (2008), the company does not operate in empty space, but in complex interaction conditions with the development of science and technology, political situation, social and economic development, as well as possible risk.Jonker and Witte (2004) in Mangoting (2008) mentioned that organizations today are responsible not only for producing good quality products and services but also to meet the needs of external stakeholders as a way to prevent negative social impacts.

In all business activities of business people certainly, can not be separated from the environment around the business. For that, before doing business a businessman should be able to understand all aspects related to the community that concern the environment of nature and social environment, mentioned that the values in the community. One of which is the relationship with nature, that reflects how a company that is in a community environment treats nature and how they consider themselves against natural resources and super natural power. Lately, it often happens that the natural damage is caused by a business run by a good person Minor damage and large damage.Most in the world of the business environment are often ignored both the natural environment and the environment of communities that are around the company. Nowdays, To expand business a lot of lands that were once as forest or Rice field is used as a building to built company.

It makes the natural environment becomes unbalanced again because the businesses are increasingly widespread. How much illegal logging so that resulted in the destruction of nature and the emergence of floods and landslides. Forests are logged for sale but do not think about the preservation and continuation of the forest resources themselves, which lead to discrepancies and separators, where businessmen profit, on the contrary, the wider community and nature itself suffers from natural disasters including global warming. A businessman should understand the values in the community such as relationships with nature, time considerations, basic humanitarian beliefs, activity considerations, peer relations and space considerations.

The impact of the business world has influenced peoples lives in general, both directly and indirectly. Both urban communities where the industrial world is located, as well as the community as the distribution and target marketing of products from the business world. Businesses will be able to choose the right business strategy that needs to be decided if we want to invest in a particular community. The growing world of business is expected to contribute well to the social environment and improve the economic conditions of a country and can reduce unemployment That exists in the community Who are in the environment because of the existence of the business then it can provide opportunities for the community to work.