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What are the iPhone X Advantages?

As the new upcoming Apple product will be released soon, many people are looking for the information iPhone X advantages. It makes sense because some rumors that have spread before talking about the new advanced feature. Of course, it will bring many benefits for the users that will own them soon.

A clue that has revealed is that it will provide greater things compared to the previous iPhone versions. You can now access the information about the product on Apple’s website. It includes information about the phone. But to focus on the advantages only, you should see the information below that will bring to the specific information.

iPhone X specification

1: Easily waking up

In many phones, waking it up to use for some purpose needs to press the turn on button. For this new Apple’s product, you will not find the button so that you will do it differently.

There is a way called Tap to Wake to do it. To use it, you can just tap the screen of iPhone X. You will get the notifications just like when you press the turn on the button in general smartphones. So much simple, right?

So, if you put your phone on the table and want to check the notification, you just need to tap the screen. You don’t need to hold it such the previous model that you always did. It will bring you more benefit such as when you are in a hurry.

On the other side, you don’t need much energy to access your phone. It happens even if the distance between you and your phone isn’t so close to access. This iPhone X advantage is one of the essential features that Apple provided.

2:Special screen

The next advantage that you will get when you are using this phone is about the screen of the performance. There are many things about the screen that will benefit you in many ways.

First, the screen has a blue filter that will protect your eyes. You will safely use it even in a day long. The display also offers better quality compared to the iPhone 8, mainly the screen resolution. It will give you brighter image and more beautiful colors.

A unique thing about the screen is it will stay awake when you are looking at it. In other words, it will turn to sleep immediately if you ignore the phone’s screen. It is a fantastic implemented technology. Probably, this is the first phone that uses it and more accurately

Another thing is that the projection of the screen is also much excellent. So it will work even if you are in the darkness.


The iPhone X has presented the dynamic notification display system for you. It will be the next iPhone X advantages that you will get very soon. Especially if you are a busy person and wishing to check the phone notification immediately, this will support your work.

Just through the Touch ID, you will see the notification magically for you. If your friends wake it up, the notifications will not appear for them. So magic and useful, right?

But before you can use this, you will need to set it up first. You can go to the Settings menu and choose the Notifications setting. It is worth for you if you more likely need to see the notifications before taking some actions.

4: Faster than ever

iPhone X will be the best phone for those who love to do a multitasking job. To support professional works, Apple has designed it for a busy person.

The Android System that Apple set is Nougat 7.0 which is the newest Android version. It will not only be faster to do a multitasking job but also to do anything from the phone. You can even work with two apps simultaneously if you want. It will be amazing for you if you need to do many tasks that you should finish at once.

The faster system will also make you do the job easier. The faster you do the job, the more time that you can get to be more productive. So, this phone is suited for professional work in any style.

5: Battery

Do you think the previous iPhone version has a battery problem? Or probably you need some more life-long battery? If yes, the iPhone X will be your next thing that you will need to buy. One of the reasons that you should buy is that the battery capacity is way higher than the previous one.

This iPhone X advantages will bring you to the new experience of using Apple’s product. So if you are the person who needs a battery the most when choosing the phone, iPhone X will be the right answer.

Unfortunately, not many people can enjoy these benefits above very soon. Apple will release this iPhone X next month in November. Many sources said that the supply would be extremely limited. It means that not all of the iPhone fans will get it.

On the other hand, Apple will sell this product mainly in America where the headquarter exists. So for those who are outside of the United States, they will need to wait some moment to feel these advantages.

The combination of life-longer battery, the screen, and the fast system will make it as the dreamed phone ever. It is perfect to support the professional works, both for those who are working inside or outside the office. Even for gaming or entertainment thing, it will help you much. Great screen to watch movie or videos will make you feel the much better experience.

With the benefits above, you will enjoy the iPhone X in way better for both professional or for fun only. If you are done using the phone for professional use, you can move to an entertainment mode. It is interesting because you can do both job and fun with one smartphone only.

If you are in the United States or the market that prioritized by Apple, prepare it now. You can make a pre-order soon if possible. The sooner you book it, the sooner you can enjoy those iPhone X advantages.

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